Ride School

The Ride School classroom sessions take place throughout the year, roughly at 15 week intervals or when we have sufficient trainees to form a new Ride School. Ride School dates will be shown on the Calendar page.

We organise both Sunday morning sessions and weeknight sessions. These classroom sessions are highly informative, covering all the main topics- cornering, overtaking, filtering, progress etc. They are also great fun and you can gain a lot from the interactive sessions, the questions and answers that others have. It’s often great comfort to know that others are suffering the same problems that you have!

Note: If you cannot make every single Ride School session, don't worry as you can join that same talk in the next Ride School session.

Ideally, you will take the Ride School sessions before or towards the beginning of your practical training, so that they are of maximum benefit to you. However, you can commence your practical training while awaiting the start of the next set of talks.

Introduction and the Police “System” of motorcycle control

Ever had to react to a situation suddenly? You'll learn the details of the renowned Police System to ensure that you always have the breathing space to tackle the hazards every biker faces. The System was developed to reduce Police rider accidents in pursuit riding situations; before the System, the accident rate of police drivers and riders was one every 7,000 miles. Since the introduction of “the System” that dropped to one every 70,000 miles.

Observation and Positioning

How safely are you keeping away from likely hazards? How far ahead can you spot what’s going on? Positioning directly affects both. In week 2, you'll learn how to use your positioning to be more stable when cornering, ride safer and see further ahead. You will also learn about ‘observation links’ and other tricks of the trade.

Overtaking and Filtering

How expertly do you overtake? Ever had a close shave or felt rushed? Or do you miss safe overtaking opportunities? In week 3, you'll learn the overtaking techniques used by expert road riders to boost safety and skill. You will also learn our top tips for safe and sound filtering.


This is where we bring together what you've learnt in weeks 1-3 into a cornering cocktail. How stable is your bike when cornering? You'll learn how to apply the System for finely tuned observation, precise positioning and silky smooth progress to bring your cornering confidence to new heights. Enjoy!


Sunday 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th MARCH 2017

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